Extended Family Edition of The Storybook Santa Experience

“Cousins” Bring your entire family to meet Santa and let us create a one of a kind panoramic portrait.

NEW for 2020!

The Extended Family Edition of The Storybook Santa Experience is a special version of our Experience designed for larger families.  If your family has a set of cousins or numerous brothers and sisters or even multiple generations this version of our experience may be best for you.  Each session includes a panoramic portrait (as shown above) of your family.  You may include children, parents, grandparents or even friends.  We will create one master image for you where each member of your family will be given a “character” or activity to portray.  Based on the best image combinations, we will composite the image together to create the final version.  The one shown above is made of 6 separate images.

In addition to the family panoramic, the children in your group will have a meet and greet with Santa, find their names on his Nice List, and then have a visit over milk and cookies.  We will make images in the same style as our standard Storybook Santa Experience during these smaller group visits.  We recommend at least 5 children and 2 adults for the best panoramic result.  We can accommodate as many as 15 children and 10 adults in the primary image.  Our Keller location is best suited for groups 8-25 and our Midlothian location is best for groups 8-12.  We do not offer the Extended Family Session in our Richardson location.

The Extended Family experience requires the purchase of one panoramic image sized 36 inches or larger, and a $100 minimum print purchase per nuclear family.  Our standard reservation fee is required to reserve your session.  We will invoice you separately with a custom rate for your group after a brief phone consultation.  Panoramic print prices start at $1500.  Duplicate prints of your main family image are available at 40% off and are available in sizes 14-inch and larger.  Our standard product rates apply, ask for details.

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Shannon’s Bridal Portraits The Nest at Ruth Farms White Barn Photographer

Prior to her wedding, we were able to photograph Shannon’s bridal portrait session.  Her session time was included at no charge in her wedding day package.  She chose to add several pieces of wall art after she viewed the images, including a very sexy piece we made just for the groom.  The goal was to create a classic look while keeping the light and airy feel of the venue.  Shannon is full of personality and sass so we tried to let that shine.

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Shannon & Jay’s Wedding at The Nest at Ruth Farms

Shannon and Jay were married recently in Ponder at The Nest at Ruth Farms.  The white barn venue is spectacular and fits in with today’s trend of the light and airy wedding style.  Shannon’s dress was so beautiful and Jay wore a rare combination of black on black with his tux.  This is our second wedding for Shannon’s family.  We photographed her older sister’s wedding a few years back at Bass Hall in Fort Worth.  Andrew, our groom for that wedding, and now Shannon’s brother-in-law was now the officiant for Shannon and Jay’s wedding.

Our coverage featured a long list of important family photographs, which made the pre-wedding timeline very important.  We needed to be sure we worked with all of the parties requested by the bride and groom, while still leaving time to capture the pre-wedding moments.  The natural light flooding into the venue made it very easy for us to work quickly while giving us a beautiful quality of light to work in.

The ceremony was lovely and was highlighted by a very emotional reaction from Jay when he saw Shannon for the first time.  I think his reaction is the one every bride

wants from her groom.  We were able to capture photographs from the floor level, as well as the balcony, giving us two very different points of view and allowing us to see every moment clearly.

We took a few minutes with the couple between the ceremony and reception for a few portraits and then got them quickly to the party.  Craig with TriStar DJ was the master of ceremonies and he rocked it.  He also provided the uplights for the venue.  The night moved quickly and after the ceremonial cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss, and a few dances, we were planning for a sparkler exit.

A classic Ford Fairlane made for an awesome getaway car.

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Alex & Rob’s Legal Draft Beer Co. Arlington DFW Wedding Photos

Alex & Rob were married recently in Arlington, TX at The Legal Draft Beer Co.   About 125 guests attended the intimate affair, which started at Alex’s home where she and her Bridesmaids got ready.  Once we moved to Downtown Arlington, we took advantage of some of the art district murals and the great textures and lighting at The Legal Draft Beer Co.

Alex and Rob chose to have a first look prior to the ceremony.  We loved the giant windows at the venue and set them up for their reveal with their friends watching.  We used the giant beer tanks as backgrounds for many of the portraits.  Rob and Alex love to visit these local breweries and share a beer together, so as you’ll see, beer is a big theme throughout.  We especially love the detail shots of the wedding rings with the pints of beer.

The ceremony was held outside on the patio.  It offered a challenge to eliminate the street and background distractions in the shots, but we managed to find positions and used our long lenses to keep the backgrounds out of focus.  After the ceremony, the reception was held in the open air area of the venue.  Most of the dancing and celebration took place outside on the covered patio.  Alex and Rob made a quick exit to an awaiting bus while “Texas Fight” played them out.

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Keller Santa Portraits at The Keller Roundhouse

The best Keller Santa Portraits just made a big big improvement!  Ivey Photography has teamed up with the Keller based event venue The Keller Roundhouse to present The Storybook Santa Experience. Santa will be available by appointment to visit children from Keller, Southlake, Grapevine and other surrounding communities from October 18-December 18, 2019.

Keller Santa Portraits by Ivey Photography The Storybook Santa Experience

Keller Santa Portraits by Ivey Photography The Storybook Santa Experience

The Storybook Santa Experience at The Keller Roundhouse in Keller, TX
Keller Santa Portraits by Ivey Photography The Storybook Santa Experience

Keller Santa Portraits by Ivey Photography The Storybook Santa Experience

The Keller Round House is located at 107 W. Vine Street in Keller, TX. Normally reserved for events such as weddings and large meetings, Ivey Photography will be transforming the 1700 square foot space into Santa’s Wonderland for The Storybook Santa Experience. Each family will experience the magic of Santa’s workshop, meet him at his writing desk, bake magic cookies with Mrs. Claus and enter a beautiful snow scene through a secret passage.

Keller and the neighboring communities have always supported Ivey Photography by making the more than 1-hour drive to the Midlothian studio. This year, Santa is just around the corner. The short drive to Southlake is about 10 minutes, Grapevine about 15 minutes, and Argyle is less than 10 minutes away.

For information about The Keller Roundhouse, please visit their website. For more information about The Storybook Santa Experience, visit iveystudio.com/santa.

Ivey Photography is the leader in experience based Santa portraits in the United States.  For over ten years, our artists have been creating one of a kind moments between children and Santa Claus.  Our proprietary digital art is a unique blend of photography and painting.  Our clients come from all over the world including Nigeria, Australia and over 20 states in the US to experience our Storybook Santa Experience.  Join us in one of three Dallas Fort Worth locations, Keller, Richardson or Midlothian between October 1 and December 24.

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Double Bronze Medal Photographer of the Year

By Chris Smith, M.Photog.Cr.

The “Photography Olympics” (International Print Competition by the Professional Photographers of America) just completed this week in Atlanta, GA. This year, I was within 2 Merits of completing my “Master Artist” Degree, given by the Professional Photographers of America for excellence in Digital Artistry. I submitted my 4 entrants, and although they didn’t reach the prestigious LOAN Collection as hoped, I did earn Merits on all FOUR images, earning a Bronze Medal. Thanks to all who served as advisors and mentors over the past 3 + years of creating these images. I look forward to celebrating them with you in Atlanta at the IPC Exhibition in January.

In addition to the “Artist” category, I entered 4 images in the Photographic Open division, and also earned 4 Merits on my images. I’m very proud of both of my cases, especially knowing how few entrants even attempt 8 entries, and how even more rare it is for someone to Medal in both categories. I am also proud to say that this is my second year in a row to earn Merits/Loans on all 8 of my entered images.  In 2017, I was one of only 21 photographers to achieve the 8 for 8 designation.

The images I entered are shown here, along with a brief description of what makes them a “Merit Award” winner.

“Sledding with Santa” – 2018 IPC Artist Category Merit Award.  This image features Santa Chuck Lee and our now famous Snowman “Wilbur”.  The set was created for The Storybook Santa Experience” in 2017.  I took a few minutes after our sessions to ask Santa to pose for a few images.  You can see the reference image in the right hand margin.  Notice the addition of the snow overlay, the hand finished paint strokes, the “magic” snow around Wilbur, and then the colorful finish to Santa’s coat.  In addition, I removed the light box that was visible in the initial frame.  The judges liked the composition, lighting, and storytelling of the image, along with the finish details like the lantern and the hand painted beard and fur on Santa’s coat.


“American Legend” – 2018 IPC Artist Category Merit Award.  This is a DC3 that operates out of the Midway Regional Airport in Midlothian.  Last summer we had a high school senior who was going into the air national guard and asked for a photo with an airplane.  I knew this one sits at the airport and I asked the owners for permission to photograph it.  There are 33 different images used to make up the final exposure.  Each part of the aircraft was lit independently for maximum effect and then layered together for the final image.  The overall was hand painted in Photoshop and a new sky was dropped in for dramatic effect.  The process of photographing and creating the image took approximately 60 hours.


“Boys’ Night Out” – 2018 IPC Artist Category Merit Award – This is my favorite image of all of my Artist entries for this year.  We created this image for a client, with the specific idea in mind of a S’mores camp fire cookout.  The original images were made in broad daylight, and it took two exposures to get the expressions I wanted from each of the boys.  I was able to merge the two files together and then paint the scene to feel like a dusk campout.  I added all of the highlight and shadow detail, as well as extended the “forest” in the background and painted in the “fire”.  The kids really enjoyed the actual shoot and we did eat the Smores afterward.  🙂


“Freedom Fighters” – 2018 IPC Artist Category Merit Award.  This image came as a result of learning that a local Santa Claus actor, “Santa Bill”, was also a post revolutionary war actor.  When he told me he has a closet full of authentic clothing, guns and accessories, I knew what I wanted.  We photographed this in the park near the Fort Worth Zoo.  He played both the sniper and the loader in the scene, and you can see him posing in the reference photos.  The rest was added in from elements found online and then finished with a smoky morning blue.

“Fender Bender” – 2018 IPC Photographic Open Category Merit Award.  This image is special to me because this is the third year in a row my son, Connor, posed for me in an image.  He is an excellent guitarist, so this is a real slice of life for him.  If I can’t find him playing video games, he’s usually sitting with his guitar and playing whatever song he heard last or whatever melody pops in his head.  Shot in the studio.

“Lonely, Seeking Relationship – Strings Attached” – 2018 IPC Photographic Open Category Merit Award.  This was another personal project using my own guitar.  I’m a new guitar collector, and this was a new addition to my set.  It is a Taylor W65ce 12 String.  The walnut is just stunning and I had to photograph it. This is actually 17 different exposures in one, layered together to enhance every detail of the guitar, from the gold tuning pegs, down to the ebony bridge and pins.  Shot in studio.

“Making Magic and Memories” – 2018 IPC Photographic Open Category Merit Award.  Of course, no print competition case of mine is complete without a Santa Claus portrait.  This is Everlee with Santa Jeff.  She came to our Storybook Santa Experience in November of 2017.  Her outfit was absolutely perfect for the outdoor snow scene.  With a little paint and some magic from Santa, this piece earned a Merit Award.

“Simple Swag” – 2018 IPC Photographic Open Category Merit Award.  This is Jordan.  He goes to school with my son and he was a part of a promotion we did for the Couture Kids line.  I loved his pose and his expression and the finish is a mix of photoshop techniques designed to highlight the texture in his clothing and his skin tone.


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2018 Enchanted Summer Portrait Series

What are your kids’ favorite summer activities? What moments do you catch them in that you’d like to keep forever?
We are developing a series of hand painted photographic art designed to capture the dreams, the wonders, the moments, and the memories that childhood is made of.

When thinking about my own childhood, and things I see my own kids do, I can think of dozens of themes, activities and moments I’d want to immortalize with a piece of art.

Backyard forts
Washing your car
Playing Hide & Seek
Catching fireflies
Picking wildflowers
Playing in the tree house
Riding bikes in the neighborhood at dusk
Having a tea party
Playing dress up
Paddling the creek in a canoe
Flying a kite
Splashing in the sprinklers
Swinging on the playground
Splashing in the pool
Playing kickball with friends
Eating snow cones or ice-cream before it melts
Roasing marshmallows
Going camping in the backyard
Swinging from a rope tree swing (tire swing)
…… so many more….

Right now we are looking for families with children ages 3-13 who would like to have a FREE session ($250 value) to help us put together a larger portfolio of images. We will give you one image to share on social media and offer you a discounted price if you would like to purchase the artwork we create.

Please message us or tag someone you know who might be interested in creating a piece of art with us this summer.

The images below are to illustrate how a simple photograph can transform into a very unique piece of art for your family.

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School Photography – Its Black and White

Are you tired of the same old school pictures from your school photographer?  We were, too and we did something about it.  At Kennedale Middle School, we brought a tried and true studio portrait technique and applied it to 7th and 8th grade spring portraits.  We’ve been photographing school and volume photography at Ivey Photography since the studio opened in 1977.  We’ve traditionally done the standard fall yearbook portraits on an old master background, which is a very nicely lit, documentary style portrait.  In the spring, we’ve tried everything from spring flowers to fishing docks to railroad themes.  But this year, we went SIMPLE.  Really SIMPLE.  We offered students the option to wear either a black shirt or a white shirt.  We setup two different backdrops, a black for the students wearing black and a white for the students wearing white.  There are approximately 550 students at KJHS.  MOST students chose to wear black, with about 40% choosing to wear white.  Each student was given 2-3 poses to flow into, with each session taking about 30 seconds to complete.

If you are a school administrator looking to step up your school portraits, we work with schools ranging in size from 200-2000 students.  We offer a complete line of in-school portraits, sports, and senior portraits.  Our pricing for parents is very attractive and our school incentives are competitive with the other national brands.

Prior to the sessions, we hung large posters in the school promoting the sessions.  The students were buzzing about it and over 95% of students remembered to wear black or white.



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