Thank you for Booking Santa and The Snowman Mini Session

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We’ve booked your appointment and want to give you all of the details you’ll need before your appointment and subsequent ordering appointment.

1.  What should my child wear?

This year we have an awesome “outdoor” snow scene, with lots of blues, greens, and of course SNOW!  In our Storybook Santa Experience, children wear pajamas, which is also great for the Snowman minis.  However, we also recommend casual outdoor wear, in simple colors that will tie with our set.  Anything in white, grey, light blue, navy, light green, sage, or cream will look great.  Add in a splash of red in a scarf or a hat or mittens, and you’re on your way.   Shop your favorite stores for their winter casual wear and you’ll be looking good.  If you’re coming as a family, you don’ have to all have on the same outfit, but bring your colors together with one key color or piece.

Helpful Links to great PJ’s

Nutcracker Style (awesome)

Pottery Barn (avoid the prints and patterns please)

Boys Polar Express Style (PERFECT!)  Choose primary colors red, green or blue.

Girl’s White Nightgown on Etsy (GREAT)

Chasing Fireflies (AWESOME)

Smocked Auctions (Avoid the prints and patterns please)

Cecil and Lou (solids with monogram are awesome!)



 2.  Do we need to bring anything with us?

Come with your imagination your Christmas spirit.  If Children would like to bring Santa a letter or wish list, his mailbox will be open.  Don’t forget your accessories like a scarf, gloves and a hat.


 3.  How much are the products?

With your paid fee you’ll be receiving 3 print ready digital files.  Additional files are $75 each.  The best way to present the images is in print, so you can see our complete price list is shown below.  We do not offer prepared packages in the traditional way photographers sell you prints.  We allow you to purchase the image(s) you want in the size(s) you like best.  There are a few things to highlight in the prices below.

  • Our most popular products are the Framed Metal Art and Canvas Wall sizes.  All of our wall portraits are ready to hang, which means they either include a custom frame or a gallery wrap finish (canvas).  The prices are listed by the longest side, noted in the left column.  A 16×20″ image size is listed as “20-inch”.  The longest side allows us to customize the aspect ratio for the best fit for your images.
  • After your session, we will be presenting 12-18 images to you during your ordering session.  Feel free to purchase all digital or a mix of print and digital.  You DO receive free digital files for social media with every printed item.
  • As your order grows, Santa gives you complimentary items.  Gifts are complimentary starting at $500.   We’ll gift you the listed items at no charge.

4.  Do we need to pay for our order in full at the ordering session?

We accept cash, check and credit cards for your balance.  Don’t forget your order deposit is applied to your order total.  For 2018 we do offer an easy financing option through a new lending partner.  What does financing offer when compared to your credit card company?

1) With an installment loan, your APR % is fixed and will not increase if they are late or miss a payment like a credit card.
2) You may be offered an interest rate lower than what your credit card charges.
3) Financing keeps your lines of credit open for other needs or emergencies.
4) You may need a loan amount higher than what they have available on your credit card(s).
-Instead of paying with multiple cards or a combination of resources, you can finance.
5) There’s no penalty for paying the loan off early. So even if they take a 12 month term, they can pay it off at any point just like on their credit card.
6)  With financing, your balance is paid in full and you get your products as soon as we produce them.  There is no need to wait until your balance is paid.

5.  Where are you located?

The Santa and The Snowman Mini Sessions are only in Midlothian

Midlothian – Located at 403 West Main St in Midlothian, TX.  We are 30 minutes from Dallas, and 25 minutes from Ft Worth.  Located south of DFW just off of Hwy 67, near Hwy 287.  We are at the intersection of Business 287 Main Street and 6th Street in Downtown Midlothian.  Our phone number is 972-723-2464 if you need directions. 


6.  What if I need to change my appointment time?

We will do our best to work with your changing schedule.  Your $100 session fee is non-refundable.  We hire a professional Santa and pay him whether you are here or not.  Hopefully, if you need to change your appointment, we can do it with enough notice to let Santa know.


7.  Do you offer a CD or download of the images?

Yes we are making the digital files available to you for the first time during this mini session event.  Each of our Fine Art Santa portraits are hand finished digital art pieces.  We have spent years of training and have carefully blended our finish to be unique and enhance the story of the magic of Santa Claus.  We have also taken great care to select the media with which we print and display your artwork.  We understand the importance of digital media in today’s world, and we simply recommend of the print is important enough to hang, that you’ll allow us to print it in an appropriate size with our lab.  You WILL receive sharing sized copies of your purchased images.  Download and take them with you wherever you go and you can share the images to Facebook, Twitter, Email and more.  The digital images you purchase are print ready and will make prints as large as 8×10.