2018 Enchanted Summer Portrait Series

What are your kids’ favorite summer activities? What moments do you catch them in that you’d like to keep forever?
We are developing a series of hand painted photographic art designed to capture the dreams, the wonders, the moments, and the memories that childhood is made of.

When thinking about my own childhood, and things I see my own kids do, I can think of dozens of themes, activities and moments I’d want to immortalize with a piece of art.

Backyard forts
Washing your car
Playing Hide & Seek
Catching fireflies
Picking wildflowers
Playing in the tree house
Riding bikes in the neighborhood at dusk
Having a tea party
Playing dress up
Paddling the creek in a canoe
Flying a kite
Splashing in the sprinklers
Swinging on the playground
Splashing in the pool
Playing kickball with friends
Eating snow cones or ice-cream before it melts
Roasing marshmallows
Going camping in the backyard
Swinging from a rope tree swing (tire swing)
…… so many more….

Right now we are looking for families with children ages 3-13 who would like to have a FREE session ($250 value) to help us put together a larger portfolio of images. We will give you one image to share on social media and offer you a discounted price if you would like to purchase the artwork we create.

Please message us or tag someone you know who might be interested in creating a piece of art with us this summer.

The images below are to illustrate how a simple photograph can transform into a very unique piece of art for your family.

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