Couture Kids Fashion

Fashion for Portraits

Fashion is an intricate part of the Couture Kids brand. Fashion is our specialty. We are committed to creating fashionable images that speak to the trends of today, but we also hold true to the classic looks that never go out of style.  Our clients tend utilize fashion in many different ways.

– Most clients bring a bunch of clothes, and we happily create outfits for them using the fashion pieces that they already own. Often, we put together outfits that didn’t cross the minds of the teens we capture.  Use your own clothes and mix and match with our growing wardrobe to create looks you never imagined.

– Some teens use a lot of their mothers jewelry and other accessories for a wow factor!

– We are building a fabulous style closet that we update often.

Most of our clients wear their everyday clothes.  Wearing jeans, Docs, or converse is a perfect look! Couture Kids clients do not have to dress elaborately to achieve great images. They can be themselves, will looking FABULOUS at the same time. Whatever you choose to wear, we know that the pictures will be eye-catching, and our reputation has spoken to that for many years.