Couture Kids Pricing and Products

We offer two Couture Kids Collection types to start your experience.  In either session type, most families add images to their initial collection.  Our most popular items to add are more matted prints of your favorite poses and small to medium sized wall portraits.  We realize these are “mid-point” portraits for many, and a giant collection may not be for everyone, but a nice 11×14 or 16×20 portrait isn’t that large for most homes, and can be added to your collection for a modest investment.  Our average overall investment with either session is $600-1200.  There is no obligation to add to the starting collections we’ve outlined here, but most families see more images they love than those included in their initial collection.  Digital files for social media are included with your purchase.  Digital files for small print reproduction are available at an additional cost.

Full Session Collection

  • A 90-minute studio portrait session
  • Professional hair styling in studio
  • Access to our closet full of cool clothes and accessories
  • Unlimited outfit changes (bring your closet and use ours)
  • Style consultation prior to your session
  • In-person product consultation and ordering appointment after your session
    • You will see 25-30 prepared images at your ordering appointment
  • 3 Matted Prints, matted in beautiful gallery style presentation mats
    • Choose from either 8×10 mats (5×7 prints) or 11×14 mats (7×10 prints)
  • 3 Digital copies of your prints for social media
  • A beautiful presentation box for your matted prints
  • Available Tuesday-Saturday by appointment

CK Full Session Collection Fee: $349
Add a 30-minute outdoor location session and  1 additional matted print for $99

Half-Session Collection

  • A 45-minute studio portrait session
  • Unlimited outfit changes from your closet
  • Style consultation prior to your session
  • In-person product consultation and ordering appointment after your session
    • You will see 8-12 prepared images at your ordering appointment
  • 1 Matted 5×7 Print and a digital copy for social media
  • Available Tuesday-Thursday by appointment

CK Half Session Collection Fee: $149
Outdoors not available with the Half Session

About Our Prices and Ordering

Once your session is complete, we will schedule a return appointment for you and your family to view the images.  You will not be seeing “proofs”, rather finished images that are fully artowrked and ready to go home with you.  We use a combination of physical and digital displays to allow you to make the best purchasing decision for your home.

Bonus Items

We do not use a traditional photography package system for our pricing.  We use an a la carte + BONUS system.  This means you choose the images you want, printed on the products you like best.  And as you spend, you earn complimentary products to add to your order.  The bonuses are generous and allow for some valuable additions to your regular portrait order.  This is a different take on traditional portrait packaging and allows you more flexibility, while still offering incentive to purchase more.  The bonuses accumulate, so as you reach each level, you receive that gift, too.  For example if you spend $1500, you would receive the items in your order PLUS our first three bonus items – a video slideshow ($250 value), five 5×7 prints ($125 value) of your favorite image, and an enlargement ($150 value) of your favorite print from your matted folio.  The more you spend, the more value you get.

Print Pricing

Our print prices for 7×10 and 5×7 images are THE SAME.  Each print is printed on Fuji Deep Matte fine art paper and matted in a conservation grade portrait mat.  The first time you purchase an image you are buying the ART, not the paper.  Our cost for the image is in the time creating the finish, not in the ink and paper it is printed on.  The price for a single 7×10 or 5×7 print is $100.  BUT, if you purchase FIVE, the cost is only $325.  You can see the progression of prices here for our matted prints.  The matted prints are the staple of our product line and we find they are beautiful to display and easy to archive for future generations to enjoy.  Any purchase, of any image includes the digital file for sharing.  We do offer an upgrade of $150 to our order for you to purchase the higher resolution files with a print release of up to 8×10″.  As long as you purchase the image in print with us first, you can add this option to your entire order and get all of your files upgraded.  It is a flat fee for all of the images you select, not a per image fee.




About Our Products

With Couture Kids, we have a very specific set of products that we offer.  The product lines are simple, with clean presentations, and realistic retouching.  You can read more about our products below.  When you place your order, we have a chart if items you’ll earn as your order grows.

Archival Fine Art Paper Prints – We print on the finest papers you can find in the photographic industry.  Our papers offer a look and FEEL unlike you may have ever experienced before.  Our papers by Hahnemule and Fuji are luxurious, and delivery our images as we intend, with a filmic style and a feeling that they should be hanging in a museum.

Acid-free conservation grade mats – Since we are presenting a fine art line, we primarily deliver our paper prints in a white or black mat.  Generally, we use a single ply mat for our 5×7 and 7×10 prints, and an 8-ply museum grade mat for prints 11×14 and larger.  Matted folio prints start at $100, with discounts up to 60% off as you buy more.

Framing – All prints 11×14 and larger include framing as a part of our standard pricing.  Our style generally works best with a very simple black museum gallery style frame, but we do have a wide variety of beautiful moldings to choose from.  Framed Wall portraits start at $275.

Canvas Print Wrap – If you like a more contemporary look, you may opt for a wall portrait presented as a gallery wrapped canvas.  Our canvas is different than other inkjet printed canvas, however.  We use a traditional peeled emulsion canvas mount.  The photograph is printed on fine art paper and then the paper is peeled from the emulsion layer and mounted to a high quality canvas.  The result is a stunningly perfect print, presented in a contemporary way.  Canvas Print Wraps start at $200.

HD Metal – Metal prints are our most popular products. Technically, they are aluminum prints, and they create vibrantly eye-catching colors. With metal prints, your images come to life. We use the highest quality ChromaLuxe materials, for smooth finishes, image clarity, and durable, long lasting images. Metal prints look right at home on a museum wall or home desk.  Metal prints are available in sizes 5×7 to 40×60″  HD Metal starts at $375

HD Acrylic – Our face-mounted acrylic prints bring depth and complexity to your photos and art that is unmatched by traditional printing and mounting techniques. Your crisp, full-color or classic black and white digital images can be adjusted to fit any size or shape without sacrificing intricate detail.  The finish is ultra-modern and provides a clean, crisp look to the images.  HD Acrylic starts at $375

Fine Art Albums – We’ve been careful to select our partner lab.  We use Serendipity Albums, based in Houston, TX.  They only do one thing.  They make fine art photography albums.  We work with the binder directly to be sure the prints are perfectly rendered and then bound to immaculate detail.  Cover materials range from the finest leathers to beautiful Japanese linens.  Available in sizes 5×7 to 12×12″