Dallas Christian Senior Portraits 2018

You’ll find all of the information you need here about your 2016 Senior Portraits.  Here’s what you need to bring:
  • A solid white shirt. A polo or dress shirt is best for boys. Girls bring a shirt or sweater.
  • A black shirt. A polo or dress shirt is best for boys. Girls bring a shirt or sweater.
  • An outfit with STYLE!  Prom dress, suit, sport coat, something you’d wear OUT or to look your BEST.
  • Props for casual photos (football, basketball, anything that defines you.  Think outside THE BOX here.  Are you a gamer, an athlete, a reader?)
  • Boys need a shirt & tie / Girls need a top or dress for under blue graduation gown


If you do not bring the outfits required, you will have to reschedule the photo session. Plan on being at the session for 1 hour.

Pictures will be made at Dallas Christian in the main auditorium near the cafeteria.  EVERY senior at DC is required to attend one of the sessions on these dates.  If you are unable to make the dates above, you  must make up a session by coming to Ivey Studio in Midlothian before September 1, 2017.  There will be one on campus Retake Date, to be announced, but this time is reserved for those who elect to have a re-take done, or have an excused absence from one of the dates above.  We will NOT be able to accommodate more than a handful of students on the retake date, so please do not put off your portrait and think you can make it up on the retake.  The retake will only include the required images as specified by the school’s yearbook editor.  If you need a retake we will contact you with what to bring.


We will be taking several important photographs of you.  Although some may consider them “traditional” or “lacking creativity”, these images are important to family to help them remember all they’ve worked for, and all you’ve accomplished.  Take them seriously, look your best, and you’ll enjoy the images for years to come.

How to PREPARE for your On Campus Session

Dallas Christian dress code for hair, and attire applies to all students.  (No unapproved piercings or tattoos)

  1. Get a hair cut that puts you in dress code (above the collar, out of the eyes, no ear rings, etc.)
  2. Be CLEAN shaven.  Shave on your appointment day, NOT two days before.  (No mustachios, goatees, or peach fuzz 🙂
  3. Take care of your complexion in the weeks leading up to your pictures.
  4. Bring a solid white dress shirt.  You’ll be wearing a tie with the shirt, so be sure your shirt fits properly and you can button the top button.  Do not try and wear your DC uniform shirt from 8th grade.
  5. Wear a plain white t-shirt and carry your clothes in.  You can dress in the mens room on campus.  Jeans are preferred, but shorts are fine to wear as we will not be showing your legs in many of the photos.
  6. WEAR YOUR CLASS RING (if you have one).


  1. Decide on your hair style and don’t change your hair color right before the photo!
  2. Bring a plain white and a plain black blouse, sweater or dress shirt, with long sleeves preferred.  Carry it in, as you can change into it once you arrive.
  3. Come dressed in simple clothing like a t-shirt or tank.  You will be wearing a provided drape for the cap & gown photograph.
  4. Wear JEANS.  We may show your legs in one of the images and jeans look best for the image.
  5. Don’t forget important jewelry.  The formal drape image will show your neck line and some students like to wear a set of pearls or a short chain.  WEAR YOUR CLASS RING (if you have one).


Three Ways to Purchase Your Portraits

  1.  On-line at our website.  We will email you a private gallery where you will review your proof images.  You may choose to use our online store and build your order yourself.  Image galleries will expire May 30, 2018.
  2. In-Person, on campus.  We will be setting up a few evening sessions where we will come to the DC Campus and review images with you.  This is the best option when you are interested in creative products such as gallery wrap groupings, albums, or custom announcements.  We use 27″ monitors on site and images are easier to compare in person.
  3. By phone or at our studio in Midlothian.  Call us or come see us and we’ll help you put together a set of products.

Pricing for Portraits

We will send home a pricing packet with each senior at their session.  Pricing starts at just $25 per print and discounts begin once your order reaches $200.  Wall portraits begin at just $125, and we offer framing, gallery wrap canvas, metal prints, custom announcements, and custom albums.  We also offer packages available with greater discounts for those who need multiple copies of a single image (cap & gown for example).  Digital files are available for purchase if you are a DIY parent.  Digital file pricing varies and depends on your overall order.  The larger your order, the less the files cost.  If you need a file for your senior ad at DC, we will provide the image to the school at no charge if you have purchased the image in print from us.  If you ONLY want the image for your ad, there is a $25 fee for the service, but you do not get a copy of the image.


We enjoy making the classic images on campus, but as you’ll see from the gallery below, our passion is making creative images in our studio and on location.  Our Senior photography is award-winning, and best known for its vivid colors, creativity, and dynamic use of lighting. We cater to clients who value portraiture as art in their homes.  You’ll find a variety of styles, which vary from classic black and white studio work, to our dramatic Limited Edition Illustration series. You’ll always find a variety of expressions and camera angles in each portfolio.  We consult with each senior and tailor the session to fit their personal style and interests. We encourage seniors to bring as much of “themselves” as they can to their session. If you have a guitar, a cool hat, a nice car, or just a favorite t-shirt, we want to see it. Although we have many tried and true locations and poses, we’re always pushing ourselves to come up with a “new shot” for each client. We can’t wait to see you in our next best thing!


Ivey Photography is a portrait and wedding photography studio located in Midlothian, TX. Our studio is conveniently located at Main & 6th in Downtown Midlothian. All senior portrait sessions are by appointment only.

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