Imagination Art

im·ag·i·na·tion –

  • the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.
  • the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful.

What does it mean for your child to use their imagination?  Where can they take themselves?  Where can they take YOU?  The answer – ANYWHERE THEY WANT TO GO!

Come to Ivey Photography and allow PPA Master Artist, Chris Smith, to take your child’s imagination and portray it in a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

What are your kids’ favorite activities? What moments do you catch them in that you’d like to keep forever?  What would they do if you asked them to “Paint a picture of yourself doing something fantastic!”?

Our series of hand-created photographic art captures the dreams, the wonders, the moments, and the memories that childhood imagination is made of.

If you have a superhero, princess, lion tamer, daredevil, pilot, book-lover, butterfly chaser, or adventure seeker in your house, we’d love to meet them.  We’ll ask them a few questions and then see what they come up with.  Most of the time, it starts with “What do you like to do?” and they are off to the races!  After we meet them, we’ll arrange a time to take a few photos.  Just email Chris at and let’s get together!


The creative fee for Imagination Art is $199.  We require a product deposit of $200.  You’ll start your ordering with us with a $200 print credit.  Products start at $99 and all wall art includes a high-res file for printing your own gifts.  Most sessions result in one finished piece.  We’ll work closely with you and your child to be sure our vision and your child’s imagination go hand in hand.  Each session requires three steps.  First, we will meet with you and your child.  During that meeting, we’ll just be chatting them up about their likes, dreams, fantasies, and whatever else comes up.  You’ll help us guide them through their world and come to an agreement on a concept.  The next step is to create the actual photographs that we will use for your art.  That session is done at our Midlothian Studio.  It usually takes less than 15 minutes.  The final phase is to allow Chris to create the art and present it to you for your purchase decisions.


When thinking about my own childhood, and things I see my own kids do, I can think of dozens of themes, activities, and moments I’d want to immortalize with a piece of art.

Chasing Butterflies
Riding a dragon
Having a pet giraffe
Taming a lion in a circus
Building a Backyard fort
Playing Hide & Seek with monsters
Catching fireflies
Picking wildflowers
Playing in the treehouse
Riding bikes in the neighborhood at dusk
Having a tea party
Playing dress-up
Paddling the creek in a canoe
Flying a kite
Splashing in the sprinklers
Swinging on the playground
Splashing in the pool
Playing kickball with friends
Eating snow cones or ice cream before it melts
Roasting marshmallows
Going camping in the backyard
Swinging from a rope tree swing (tire swing)
Laying in a hammock
Flying an airplane
Rescuing a princess from a dragon
Fighting off Ninjas to save the town

and so many more…

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