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Since 1977 Ivey Photography has been at the center of creating and preserving photographic memories for people all over Midlothian, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Ray Ivey founded the studio in Dallas and moved it to Midlothian in 1999. In 2008, the studio was purchased by local photographer Chris Smith.

Our studio on Main Street in Midlothian, TX remains the only retail photography studio in Midlothian. Clients come from all over the United States each fall for The Storybook Santa Experience. Since 1999, we have generated over $6 million in revenue. We own our property at 403 West Main Street and currently staff 3 full-time employees and up to 8 part-time employees during peak seasons.


Chris Smith, M.Artist. M. Photog. Cr.


You probably own a really great camera, as so many local photographers do. As a society, we've produced more photographic content in the past 5 years than we did in the history of mankind. We LOVE photography. I even take as many photos with my phone as the next person. I have a passion for many things, including photography. Photography isn't first on my list, and may not be second or third on the list of things I'm most passionate about. I take time with family seriously, I love to fish and play golf. And I usually have a camera close by during all of those activities. Sometimes it is my Nikon D5, or maybe a GoPro, and I enjoy capturing unique images of my adventures.

Honestly, I think a lot of photographers are "passionate" about their cameras and taking pictures. But just because they are passionate about those things doesn't mean they are practiced at the art of photography. I pride myself on being skilled in my craft and about learning something new every day. Over the past 14 years as a professional photographer, I've been able to educate myself in my craft and prove my skills, not so much as an innovator, but more so as an implementer. I see things that work well in other studios or other industries and I try to work those things into my business. If Ivey Photography is on the cutting edge of photography and runs smoothly, you get a better experience. My goal for our clients is to enjoy the process and the experience as we work together, as well as love our images.


Stylistic and Technical Qualifications


Professional photographers often specialize in a niche of photography. Often, they are drawn to a particular focus such as weddings, portraits, or sports. At Ivey Photography, we take a different approach to our business. We prefer to take on a wide array of job types. When a potential client looks at our portfolio, we have very few types of photography that are not represented at a high level. There are a few reasons we are more versatile than most photographers. First, we understand light and shadow. The word photography literally means "drawing with light". By perfecting a broad base of lighting techniques, and by understanding the physical properties of light as it relates to photography, we are able to take on jobs most photographers cannot. Our ability to modify lighting to fit any given situation is unmatched. Second, we are visual storytellers. A photograph is only as good as the story it tells. What message are you trying to convey to the viewer? Lighting, composition, technical excellence, subject placement and overall impact are just a few of the elements required to tell a photographic story effectively. To leave the viewer with an instant message is a practiced skill. And lastly, we are flexible. We have built our business working in every environment from the studio to a wedding venue to a power plant and to the corporate office. We work directly with our clients and the people we photograph to help them and their products look their best. We believe our flexibility in working with people is our strongest asset.


In terms of photographic style, the one word we hear most is "editorial". The style in a photograph can come from a variety of sources. You can style the image with props and wardrobe. A simple lens choice gives an image style. The post-processing technique can have a major influence on the style. As a general rule, we like our post-processing to be invisible. Most people want authenticity in their annual reports, corporate portraits, and architectural images. However, we have a number of techniques we use to enhance scenes, remove unsightly background elements, or even composite images together to create something new entirely.


Professional Photography Career Highlights

  • Less than 1% of Professional Photographers of America Members have more than one meritorious degree, of which Chris holds three.
  • Master Artist (M.Artist) awarded by the PPA January 2019
  • Photographic Craftsman Photographer (Cr. Photog.) awarded by the PPA in January 2018
  • Master of Photography (M.Photog.) awarded by the PPA January 2017
  • Active Member of the Professional Photographers of America, Texas Professional Photographers Association, Dallas Professional Photographers Association, Fort Worth Professional Photographers Association
  • Bronze Medal Photographer of the Year 2018, Photographic Open
  • Bronze Medal Photographer of the Year 2018, Artist
  • Gold Medal Photographer of the Year 2017, Photographic Open
  • Silver Medal Photographer of the Year 2017, Artist
  • Bronze Medal Photographer of the Year 2016, Photographic Open
  • Gold Medal Photographer of the Year 2014, Photographic Open
  • LexJet SWPPA Best Print Award, 2017
  • Featured Speaker, Professional Photographers of America National Convention, 2018
  • Featured Speaker, Southwest Professional Photographers Association, Spring, 2017
  • Featured speaker Texas Professional Photographers Association, Summer 2017
  • Texas Professional Photographers Association Distinguished Print Award, 2016
  • SWPPA Best in Show Winner, 2014
  • SWPPA Best Illustrative Print and Perfect score of 100 for "Permission to Buzz the Tower", 2014
  • Texas Star Award for Best Event Photography 2010, 2011, 2012

Staff Photographers


Nolan Henley

  • Graphic Artist and lead staff photographer for Ivey Photography, 2015-Present
  • Lead architectural photographer, The Home Snappers, 2012-2015
  • Vice President, North Texas Drone Pilots Association, 2014-15
  • Graduate of Midlothian High School



Brittany Epperson

  • Lead customer service and staff photographer for Ivey Photography, 2017-Present
  • Lead photographer, BE Photography, 2012-2017
  • Staff Photographer, AO Portraits, 2010-2013
  • Graduate of Midlothian High School



Proposed Rate Structure


All rates include non-watermarked, digital delivery in JPG format. The MED will be issued a limited usage license allowing reproduction, reprint, and redistribution of the provided images. Ivey Photography will retain the ownership of copyright. Files are sized at 20 inches on the long side at 240dpi unless otherwise specified. Rates are negotiable, commensurate with delivery time and scope of each project. Proposed standard commercial rates are listed as follows.


  1. Hourly Rates
    1. We propose an hourly rate for jobs that do not require travel and can be reasonably estimated to be completed in 4 hours or less. The hourly rate is $200 per billable hour. There is a one-hour minimum charge.
  2. Daily Rates
    1. We propose a daily rate for jobs that may require travel and can not be reasonably estimated to be completed in 4 hours or less. The daily rate is $1150 per billable 8-hour day. Overtime rates apply at $150 per hour.
  3. Custom Quote Rates
    1. We propose a quote request system for jobs that are more complex than "daily" or "hourly" rates. Certain jobs that require travel, multiple trips, multiple dates, or overnight shoots can be quoted per job. The rates will be within reason of hourly or daily rates. Custom quote rates include commercial drone flights or other means of ariel capture.
  4. Corporate Headshot Rates
    1. In-studio (403 West Main) headshots are $150 per session and include up to 2 portraits per person. Each additional person or image is $75
    2. On-location executive portraits are billed at $150 per session and include up to 2 portraits per person. Each additional person or image is $75. There is an added $100 trip charge.
    3. When executive portraits and environmental photos are part of the same job, they will be billed at the hourly rate.

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