Portraits for the Brave


On Saturday February 2nd, 2013 we lost two great men, Chad Littlefield and Chris Kyle, to a senseless act of desperation.  Midlothian, along with thousands of people across the US, and the world, have been impacted by this tragedy.  Chris and Chad were both loving fathers and their kids shared classrooms with our children.  It breaks my heart to know that their children will never again be photographed with their father.  It gives me peace to know that the memories they will have will come not only through the love of their families, but through pictures they were lucky enough to have of them during their short lives.  As photographers, we have the ability to give the gift of love, laughter, and legacy through professional portraits.  Today, we pledge our support for these families, and for those who may be impacted by a loss in the future, and we ask for your support.

Portraits for the Brave:  Pictures with Dad to Honor and raise financial support for families who have lost a brave loved one.

Chris Smith of Ivey Photography with his son, Connor

If you have not had a recent portrait WITH your father, or OF your father, we ask that you come to Ivey Photography and allow us to GIVE you the gift of a portrait.  Young or old, if you and your dad have not spent 2 minutes together in front of a camera, you owe it to yourself to stop in.  The photo is quick and painless.  In return, we ask that you donate to support the Families, who will receive 100% of your donation.  As a “thank you” for your donation, you will receive a professionally printed 5×7 portrait as a thank you.  Should you choose to purchase the portrait in a larger size, 100% of the profits will also be donated to “The Heroes of MHS Scholarship Foundation”.  The Kyle and Littlefield Families will benefit immediately from your donation and the Heroes of MHS Scholarship Foundation will be awarding scholarships to MHS Students in the memory of these great men.

How do you get your free portrait?
We are offering two programs to make it easy for you to donate at any level.   Book online (scroll down), or CALL 972-723-2464 to book an appointment, to donate, or for more information.

  • QUICK AND EASY>Call us at 972-723-2464 and arrange a QUICK portrait to be taken with Dad.  The photo can be kids with Dad, mom with Dad, or just Dad.  Either way, Dad has to be here.  The portrait is a SIMPLE black and white photo done in the studio.  We ask you to wear dark clothing with minimal prints or graphics.  For this project we are aiming at keeping the image classic and simple.  The entire session may last less than 5 minutes.  We are donating our time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, as well as Saturday mornings.
  • JUST EASY>Schedule a regular family portrait session with us in the month of February and March and we will donate our $125 session fee to the families.  In addition, 100% OF OUR PROFITS will be made as a donation.  Please contact us for information about a regular portrait session.
  • DONATE FIRST> Make a donation to ANY charity benefiting Chris Kyle and/or Chad Littlefield.  Bring us your receipt and we will MATCH your donation, up to $250 with a gift card to our studio.  You can donate through The Heroes of MHS Scholarship Foundation, FITCO Cares, or America’s Mighty Warriors.



We would like to thank our sponsor, Full Color Labs, for donating ALL of the prints for this worthy cause.


In light of this tragedy, we are organizing an effort called Portraits for the Brave.  The concept is still in its infancy, but our mission will be to raise financial support for families who have lost a loved one who has served in a military/police/rescue capacity.  We will be working with community leaders and other organizations to build a network that will create awareness and raise support for families who have suffered a loss.  We will have fundraising opportunities, complimentary portrait opportunities and much more to come.  Since we are only beginning this journey, we will be announcing details at a later date.  We invite other photographers to support us in the effort to provide portraits for donations.  If you are a photographer looking for a charitable cause, please contact the studio.

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