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In-studio headshots sessions are just $95 through February 28!  Book online or call 972-723-2464
Top reasons to take new professional headshots
  • Put your best self-image forward for your clients and coworkers
  • Help clients associate a name with a face
  • Empower your employees with a positive image
  • Create awareness about your profession
  • Evoke empathy through your photos
  • Put your staff in their best light
  • A headshot for personal use too
  • Improve your brand awareness
  • Improve your employer branding

A professional headshot, executive portrait, personal branding, LinkedIn Profile, no matter what you call it, you probably can stand to update your portrait.  Whether you need a formal professional headshot photograph or an environmental portrait for a professional marketing piece, we can help you create the image you desire.  Updating your image is important, and we believe everyone deserves to look their best in their professional headshot. We offer 3 headshot session types to meet your needs. We can customize any product or portrait session if what you see here is not enough for you.  Call us for a consultation at 972-723-2464 or book online.


Professional Headshot of Just You

This session is for one person and can be taken in our Midlothian portrait studio or on location. The session fee is $195 in the studio or $250 for one location. Two Hi-Resolution digital files are yours to keep. Each additional file is $75.
-Best for Real Estate Agents, Teachers, Doctors, Attorneys, Politicians, or other Professionals who have a need for an annual update. This photo is often used to update a business card, LinkedIn Profile, Facebook Profile, or company website.

Group Portraits and Headshots of Your Team

Corporate photography doesn’t always mean just one person.  In fact, most of our headshot clients come in pairs or groups.  Taking a portrait in the presence of a co-worker, employee or colleague can help you build confidence while you encourage each other to look and feel your best.  With more than one person in the portrait session, including your entire office or a group of colleagues can be a fun, team-building exercise.  We include a portrait for each person and a group photo in the pricing.  An in-studio session is $295. Add $50 for a location session. Each session includes 4 Hi-Resolution digital files for your use. Each additional file is $75.

The Professional Headshot Make Over

If you are looking to completely re-brand yourself, or scrap your old professional headshots entirely, we recommend The Make-Over Session. This is a half-day session allotment, starting here in the studio, and working into locations that suit you. We will consult with you on outfits and locations that complement you and your business. The session is $950 and includes 10 of your favorite images. Each additional file is $50.
-Best for Professionals, Models, or Actors who have a need for a variety of images to support multiple uses. The results often include a professional studio portrait, as well as images that are more fashionable or on locations that support your personality and/or profession. An example might be a model or actor looking to break into the business, who needs a fresh start on a portfolio.

We found this article about professional headshots and why updating your image is important.  Take a few minutes to read what they have to say.


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