Spring Limited Edition Fine Art Portraits


As of March 26, 2021 our studio phone line is currently down.  Please call 214-794-8101 to book or ask questions.

  • WHAT: 30-minute fine art spring portrait sessions by appointment, available from 3- 6 pm on each offered date.  This event is for children and families.  Live animals will be on-site and we will make a mix of images, with and without the animals.
  • WHERE/WHEN: March 12, 13, 14, 19, 20.  The spring set will be hosted at our outdoor HOME STUDIO in Midlothian.  Ivey Photography in Midlothian, TX
  • HOW MUCH IS IT to Book?  The fee for this event is $99 per family, with a paid $200 order deposit.  The $200 is our minimum order and does go toward your purchase.


  • HOW MUCH are the Products?  This event is priced similarly to The Storybook Santa Experience.  We will be focusing on fewer images designed for wall art, fine art folios, and gift prints.  Our goal will be to show you 12-18 images at your ordering appointment.  With our new pricing, there are several “buy one, get one offers” and you save as much as 50% on items when you purchase wall art.  We are including our price list for the event below.  PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the All-new CREATE A PACKAGE pricing, where you can save 50% on  Collections of prints, Small Art, and Gift Prints when you purchase a wall portrait.  Wall Art pricing starts at $495.  Gift prints start at $50.  For this event, a high-resolution digital file is INCLUDED with any Wall Art, Collection, or Small Art purchase.




  • HOW DO I GET IN?:  Your payment for your session fee and deposit are due at booking.  You may pay your fees online or by phone.  Either way, we will call you to confirm your appointment time.  We will sell out and there are limited spaces available for this event.  To work with the best lighting, we are only booking afternoon time slots at this time.
  • HOW DO I ORDER IMAGES?  You’ll be with us for a 30-minute session, and you’ll see and choose your products with us at a separate appointment.  All-in-all, you’ll be here for about 45 minutes for your session and then another 45 minutes to choose your products.  Most ordering appointments are done within a few days and are done online or in-studio.  You expect to choose and pay for your products at that time.  Your $200 order deposit will be deducted from your order total.
  • ARE YOU OFFERING YOUR PAINTINGS?  Yes, all of the images for this event are hand-painted with our unique digital paint finish.  We have developed a special style for this event and you won’t want to miss it.
  • WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR?  Normally for spring, we say just wear your Sunday best.  For this event, we strongly encourage you to choose SOLID colors that are more muted.  If that doesn’t work for you, then spring colors are perfect, and although it may be warm, we do prefer long pants over shorts for boys.  Of course, the perfect Easter dress for little girls is always great.  We’ve selected these color swatches that might help you visualize what we have in mind for you to wear.



  • WHAT KIND OF ANIMALS WILL YOU HAVE?  Of course, we are always careful to select only the healthiest, most well cared for animals we can find.  We partner with a local petting zoo to get hand-raised animals who are as friendly and cooperative as possible.  This year we are PLANNING for a bottle-fed lamb.  He is super cute and loves his bottle.  Your kiddos will not be able to hold him, but he will stand and let them pet him.  He may even take a bottle from them.  We will also have several bunnies.  We MAY have chicks and or ducks, but the supply is more unpredictable, so we never guarantee the birds’ appearance for the event.  We do rotate our animals on and off of the set throughout the day for the welfare of the animal.  We don’t guarantee the availability of a specific animal, but we do guarantee cuteness overload with whatever animal is on set at the time of your appointment.

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