Thank you for Booking Believe! A Treasured Santa Tradition

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We’ve booked your appointment and want to give you all of the details you’ll need before your appointment and subsequent ordering appointment.

1.  What should my child wear?

The concept of the meeting with Santa is that your child wakes up from a dream and finds themselves in Santa’s North Pole Workshop and Den.  We ask that you dress them in simple pajamas that have a classic or vintage design.  For boys, classic Pipe Pajamas with a button-up top and collar in either dark green, navy, white or red are best.  For girls, a classic smock gown in white is perfect, but any simple nightgown will do fine.  If you prefer she wears something with pants, again, be sure to keep it simple.  In all cases, avoid patterns, characters, and outward displays of branding.  All of those distracting elements will serve to date the art.  Our goal is to produce a timeless classic for your home, and it is important that the clothing is in line with the art.  Christmas plaid works, but try to go for a solid when you can.

Helpful Links to great PJ’s

Nutcracker Style (awesome)

Pottery Barn (avoid the prints and patterns please)

Boys Polar Express Style (PERFECT!)  Choose primary colors red, green or blue.

Girl’s White Nightgown on Etsy (GREAT)

Chasing Fireflies (AWESOME)

Smocked Auctions (Avoid the prints and patterns please)

Cecil and Lou (solids with monogram are awesome!)

Southern Siblings (Cute monogram for little ones)

Amazon Blue/White Pipe Pajama Set


 2.  Do we need to bring anything with us?

We encourage you to bring family heirlooms such as a bible, a copy of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, or a vintage toy from your childhood.  Girls can bring special dolls, and vintage tea sets, and boys might bring an old train set, a favorite truck, or a special action figure.  Your personal touches will serve to bring a sentimental value to the finished art and will always bring back a good memory when you view the image.


 3.  How much are the products?

Our complete price list is shown below.  We do not offer prepared packages in the traditional way photographers sell prints.  We allow you to purchase the image(s) you want in the size(s) you like best.  There are a few things to highlight in the prices below.

  • Our most popular products are the Framed Metal Art and Canvas Wall sizes.  All of our wall portraits are ready to hang, which means they either include a custom frame or a gallery wrap finish (canvas).  The prices are listed by the longest side, noted in the left column.  A 16×20″ image size is listed as “20-inch”.  The longest side allows us to customize the aspect ratio for the best fit for your images.
  • After your session, we will be presenting 12-18 images to you during your ordering session.  You’ll find you love most of what we show you, and we recommend you combine all of your favorites into one of our Storybooks.  This year, we are offering THREE types of albums.  For our traditional “Storybooks” we have customized a poem to fit the story of your session.  Each image shares a story and most stories fit in 8-12 images.  They come in 2 sizes and make beautiful keepsakes.  We’ve added our 8×8 “Santa Album”, which does not have customized text, but does show off your images in a unique way, and each page has a highlighted section of text pulled from our classic storybook.
  • As your order grows, Santa gives you complimentary items.  Gifts are complimentary starting at $750.   We’ll gift you the listed items at no charge when you pay in full at your ordering appointment.

4.  Do we need to pay for our order in full at the ordering session?

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards for your balance.  We offer a 10% discount for cash payments.  Don’t forget your order deposit is applied to your order total.  We offer a pre-payment plan for those planning to purchase wall art and/or storybooks.  Pre-payment plans start at $99/month and the payments apply to any future balance.  The remaining balances must be paid in full to receive your products.

5.  Where are you located?

We have two locations, Midlothian and Keller

Midlothian – Located at 403 West Main St in Midlothian, TX.  We are 30 minutes from Dallas, and 25 minutes from Ft Worth.  Located south of DFW just off of Hwy 67, near Hwy 287.  We are at the intersection of Business 287 Main Street and 6th Street in downtown Midlothian.  Our phone number is 972-723-2464 if you need directions.

Keller – Located at 107 W Vine St, Keller, TX 76248.  Located in historic downtown Keller just off of main next to the Main Street Depot. 


6.  What if I need to change my appointment time?

We will do our best to work with your changing schedule.  Your reservation fee is non-refundable if you have to cancel within 72 hours of your session.  We hire a professional Santa and pay him whether you are here or not.  Hopefully, if you need to change your appointment, we can do it with enough notice to let Santa know.


7.  Do you offer a CD or download of the images?

Each of our Fine Art Santa portraits is a hand-finished digital art piece.  We have spent years of training and have carefully blended our finish to be unique and enhance the story of the magic of Santa Claus.  We have also taken great care to select the media with which we print and display your artwork.  We understand the importance of digital media in today’s world, however, with few exceptions, we do not release our digital artwork for reprinting.  You WILL, however, receive sharing-sized copies of your purchased images.  Download and take them with you wherever you go and you can share the images on Facebook, Twitter, Email, and more.


8.  Do you offer a VIDEO of my session?

At this time we do not have a videographer on staff.  We do allow parents to capture short video segments on their own phone (no professional video, please).

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